Configuring BRICK as dynamic IP-address client/server

*use the ppp-encapsulation without CLI (Calling Line Identification) and PAP
/CHAP authentification!
*all configurations are done with the setup-tool, from main-menu select:

1.Configuring BRICK as an IP-address server (internet provider)
-(IP) -> (dynamic IP adresses) and enter one or more
valid ip-adresses, to be assigned dynamically
-(ISDN-Partner) -> (advanced settings) -> (dynamic ip-address server) = on

2.Configuring BRICK as an IP-address client
-(ISDN-Partner*) -> (IP) -> (IP Transit Network) = dynamic
-(IP) -> (Routing) -> (Add) -> (Route Type) = default route
(Network) = WAN without transit network
(Partner/Interface) = ISDN-Partner*
-(IP) -> (Network Address Translation) -> (Interface) -> (ISDN-Partner*) = on


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