Establish an IP-connection with Microsoft Windows Dialup Networking

To set up a WAN connection from a personal computer with an isdn-adapter
(or an analog modem with 2400 baud, only with BRICK EBRI-module)
using a BRICK, the following settings have to be made at Windows network
settings an the BRICK, too:

1. Install MS dialup networking and the tcp/ip protocol.
2. Install a CFOS (see FAQ21) or TAPI-modem-driver to access the isdn device
with a (virtual) communication port.
3. Doubleclick the network-button in the control panel-window.
4. From network-components choose tcp/ip->dialup interface
5. Enter the Gateway (, DNS ( and WINS (.3)
6. Set your computers ip adress in the corresponding field.
7. Reboot the system.
8. Choose Start->Accessoires->Dialup Network->make a new connection
9. enter the BRICK ISDN-phone number and the dialup adapter to be used
(when working with RVC Com (light) choose ISDN PPP Internet modem) and it's
(virtual) COM-Port.
10. From server type select the encapsulations' type (ppp, slip, NRW, cslip)
11. Choose the appropriate network protocol (here: tcp/ip) and edit the
settings (all features like ip-header compression can be used), enter the
adresses for the DNS and WINS too and close the network settings dialog.

(*) It's also possible to leave this static entries empty and proceed step 8

That's all for the Windows' settings, now see how to configure the BRICK, to
be accessed from the PC:

1. Enter a new WAN partner like described at the BRICKS user guide.
2. Choose PAP/CHAP authentication and assign the ip-adress
for the PC. The PPP-ID will be windows and the password=pc.
3. Don't identify the PC with its' calling number.

To connect to the WAN, doubleclick the new connection icon and enter username
=windows and password=pc. Using PAP/CHAP authentification, the domain name in the dialup network dialog must be empty.


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