Specify which ISDN-modules to use for Remote-CAPI

(all following commands have to be entered at the Bricks SNMP-Shell.
Connect to the device serial or with telnet)

When CAPI-applications, say facsimile', wants to get an ISDN line,
it always will use special ISDN modules, e.g. the first available
controller installed. For general purpose this will not come to be
a problem, when tehr's only one controller/ISDN-card installed.
In case of ISDN-routers like Bianca BRICK, every module counts as an
extra controller and CAPI - as said before - usually only uses the first
one, most applications even don't offer the possibilty to choose which
one to use and simply use the first and only this one.
For example controller1 is not cabable to fax transport, but the second
one is. Then a way must be found to tell the Remote-CAPI to only use

Solution is provided since Firmware Release 4.5.Rev3 or higher when the
'capiMultiControllerTable' was implemented to bundle also several ISDN
modules to a special controller-number, accessed from CAPI-applications.
CAPI 1.1 tries to connect to controller 0, CAPI 2.0 uses controller 1.

The ISDN modules (the B-channel stacks) are displayed when typing
'isdnStkTable', for example:

inx Number(*rw) IsdnIfIndex(rw) ProtocolProfile(-rw)
Configuration(rw) SPID(rw) TeiProc(rw)
TeiValue(rw) ClearAllCalls(rw) Status(ro)
Layer2State(ro) Bchannels(rw) DialOutPrefix(rw)

00 0 2000 dss1
point_to_multipoint auto
111 no_operation loaded
tei_assigned 2

01 1 3000 dss1
point_to_multipoint auto
112 no_operation loaded
tei_assigned 2

02 2 4000 dss1
point_to_multipoint auto
113 no_operation loaded
tei_assigned 2

Now, if you want CAPI 2.0 applications only to use controller number 2, make
the following entry to 'capiMultiControllerTable', (where stkmask-field is counted
binary, so set stkmask to 0b1 to use controller with TEI=111, 0b10 for the one
TEI=112 and 0b100 for the last one, or 0b101 for the first and last one.)
number=1 stkmask=0b100 version=capi20

(To access controller1 and controller3 for CAPI 1.1 type:
number=0 stkmask=0b101 version=capi11)

display 'capiMultiControllerTable' to verify your settings:
inx Number(*rw) StkMask(rw) Version(-rw)

00 1 0b100 capi20


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