Multiple User with same Username/-password

This is a short guide how configure a multi user together with Radius, for example iy you want to set up a guest account for you users to dialin with the same username and passwort.

Remember again, that it only will work together with a Radius Server.

!!!In the current Firmware versions it's not possible to account the user at the same time!!! (which wouldn't make to much sense with only 1 user)

Please have a look at the above FAQ how to get the Radius running.


  1. Configuration of the user with Steelbelted:

  2. with a standard radiusd your user entry should look like that:

    known Password = "known"

    Service-Type = Framed,

    Framed-Protocol = PPP,

    Idle-Timeout = 20

    Port-Limit = 1,

    BinTec-biboPPPTable = "biboPPPAuthIdent=IpAddress=dynamic_client",

    BinTec-biboPPPTable = "IpPoolId=0", # create an ip address pool with id 0 before!!

    BinTec-biboPPPTable = "biboPPPAuthIdent=",

    BinTec-biboPPPTable = "biboPPPAuthSecret=unguessable",